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Guests included celebrities like Mitchell, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, and Timbaland.Since then, the husband and wife have shared sweet tributes to one another in public while also keeping the details of their private life, well, private.

Nothing about his education is mentioned in any source."I proposed there, so it has a really special meaning," he told Amazon Music. It’s really about this moment when you’re saying, ‘I want to make this step.’”“When I did propose, I was saying to her, I was like, ‘Oh look at the shadows on the mountains,’ and I had the ring on my pinkie," he told Amazon Music."I had the ring on my pinkie and I was like, ‘Look at the shadows over there on the mountains,’ and she was like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s beautiful,’ and I was like, ‘Do you see it?, and is about to perform the halftime show at the Super Bowl — and his wife, actress Jessica Biel, will be right there cheering him on. plus you're a super hot dad," she wrote on Instagram. Here's how they have stuck together through it all.On Wednesday, which was Timberlake's birthday, Biel posted an incredibly sweet photo to celebrate: A picture says a thousand words. A kiddie teeth brushing, Jedi sleep mind tricking, intimidating dad voice disciplining SUPER HOT DAD. Timberlake and Biel met at the 2007 Golden Globes, Biel's .

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