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Believe it or not, but Kenny also admits that he had a lot of rejection from women at the beginning of his career.

Sure, he was a whizz with the guitar, but that didn’t mean that he had people lining up out the door for a date.

There have been many country music stars come and go over the years, but there is one who has been making a name for himself for many of years: Kenny Chesney.

As well as creating a host of hits, Kenny has become one of the biggest country music musicians on the planet – and a household name.

World disasters can see many of us come together, and many celebrities step up to offer any help they can along the way.

Some choices might cause trouble between their relationship while Kenny believed that stating some reasons for their split weren’t true an “ridiculous”, and he didn’t want either of their names to get dragged through the mud. All Kenny had to do was admit to fraud and the marriage could be out to rest.

It was here that he first got to meet Renée Zellweger. It wasn’t long before they took things to the next level as Kenny and Renée walked down the aisle in May 2005. The pair were married for just four months before they announced they had decided to split. It looked as though things had started so well, but now the pair were destined to go their separate ways.

Kenny admitted that he thought he knew what it was like to be married.

It looked as though married life was all too much for Kenny to handle, but could there be more to it all?

Apparently, Kenny spoke to his attorneys and the attorneys working with Renée to try and come to the best agreement when ending their marriage.

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