Khatia buniatishvili topless

That said, one of her better performances is not Chopin, Liszt or Rachmaninoff - it's her Yes.

Someone else on another forum did a blind test once with one of her performances, by asking people what they thought of her performance (audio only) without revealing it was her.

But her impressively cantilevered dresses are true masterpieces of structural engineering.

The cameramen shooting videos of her performances often aim their lenses face on, through the piano.

Aesthetically, she seems like the kind of person Tump would like but I have to immediately I admit this is a wholly unfair way to judge her.

None of these girls would have been fit to turn the pages for the great women pianists of the past.

At least Khatia used to have talent, which is more than can be said for another musical nudist, Yuja Wang.

Less richly endowed upstairs, she bares the lower part of her body as well – while playing to the standard of a conservatory prep-school pupil who never ends up admitted to the advanced course.

Like a creepy spy that will eat your children vibe.

Edit.: added the creepy bit Back in October 2018, a member of another forum conducted a blind test with one piece she was playing. A lot of people were claiming this was a fake recording or a MIDI renderer...

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