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Typical portrait of Latvian woman is somewhere between appearance of Baltic women. Must say that imagine girl of particular type when you think of Latvian woman could not be right as there are many people who settled in Latvia from the countries of former Soviet Union and now people of European Union come for living in Latvia.

If we think of appearance of Latvian woman in her 40’s, she could look rather gorgeous, with nice style, proper make up, elegant clothes and shoes. When we are talking about old Latvian women, such a “granny style”, she could look rather modest, but with taste and if it is rural area this could be some traditional elements of clothes or traditional costume.

She can do many things, but only if she would like to, if she is in the proper mood and this mood is created by man. This is not quiet often ready for all Eastern European women.

Maybe she is not that much emancipated as women of west and more family oriented, but it does not mean she would be fully focused on man and kids.

This is the case where man is the head and woman is the neck and the neck turns the head where she wants.

Great plus of such “Latvian woman family governing”, I call it, is that it is unnoticeable, light and what is important, has positive influence on husband, kids and family in general. I mean, she likes to be the center of the universe for her man and she demands attention.

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