Leo male and dating traits

She typically knows how to interact well with other people.She always reminds me of Tennessee Williams saying “If you kill all my demons, the angles will as well run away.” Her adventuristic life is based on friends and exploring new places. Leo female is creative, outgoing and very dramatic. She comes with a magnetic charm that is so difficult to resist.Leos take pride in protecting their close ones and would do so with all the energy and wit they possess.It is observed that the Leos can do good by keeping aside their pride and by admitting their mistakes if need be.They are known to be proud and egoistic individuals who like to protect whatever they think is their own.

Thus, Leos need to find someone whom they can trust before they shower their love and kindness on that person. Lending emotional support to friends in difficult times is a rare quality found in these people. Behind all the aggression, ego and other domineering personality traits of a Leo lies a sensitive heart which cares for the dear ones.Frankness is therefore, one of the biggest strengths of Leos.It is because of their straightforwardness that they are able to confront opinions and thoughts, they do not approve of, directly.They like to roar as they continue to do what they like.Some of the amazing Leos celebrities are Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Charlie Theron. This allows me to understand their strength and weaknesses.

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