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option is off by default and should only be used when making a configuration backup that will be stored securely.

After moving a configuration to new hardware, media containing a configuration backup with a decryption seed should be securely erased before reuse.

Note When adding another operating system device for a mirror, the new device must have at least the same capacity as the existing operating system device.

Larger capacity devices can be added, but the mirror will only have the capacity of the smallest device.

Ownership is taken by explicitly configuring a global or per-device password in the Free [email protected]:~ # sedutil-cli --scan Scanning for Opal compliant disks /dev/ada0 No 32GB SATA Flash Drive SFDK003L /dev/ada1 No 32GB SATA Flash Drive SFDK003L /dev/da0 No HGST HUS726020AL4210 A7J0 /dev/da1 No HGST HUS726020AL4210 A7J0 /dev/da10 E WDC WUSTR1519ASS201 B925 /dev/da11 E WDC WUSTR1519ASS201 B925 supports setting a global password for all detected SEDs or setting individual passwords for each SED.

By default, SEDs are not locked until the administrator takes ownership of them.For example, if a pool exists on a system with limited RAM, the autotune script automatically adjusts some ZFS sysctl values in an attempt to minimize memory starvation issues.It should only be used as a temporary measure on a system that hangs until the underlying hardware issue is addressed by adding more RAM. Note that deleting tunables that were created by autotune only affects the current session, as autotune-set tunables are recreated at boot.Autotune will always slow such a system, as it caps the ARC. When attempting to increase the performance of the Free NAS implements the security capabilities of camcontrol for legacy devices and sedutil-cli for TCG devices.When managing a SED from the command line, it is important to use sedutil-cli rather than camcontrol to access the full capabilities of the device.

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