Living at home with parents and dating dating in durham

No rent, no bills, no lawn management, no landlord, no personal pets.If you suddenly lost your job, you wouldn’t have to spiral into a pit of self-despair wondering how you’re going to pay your mortgage or buy groceries…According to some recent statistics, some 49% of 20-24 year olds and 21% of 25-29 year olds are still living at home… In 2012, 36% of millennials from the age of 18-21 were still living with dear old mom and pop, and 2/3 of those think it’s socially acceptable to do so.

they take care of their "parents" while raising their own families. So in another post a person is being beaten up because he still lives at home with his parents after college and is in his 20s.My wife on the other hand believes everyone should move out the day they turn 18.For these reasons, many teenagers end up getting a late start into higher education, sometimes even wasting the first few years in an undeclared major, taking different courses to decide where you want to take your educational career.[Read: Why you don’t have to justify your life and career choices to anyone] When you enroll in a 5-year school, this can start to take its toll.

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If you spent the first few years out of high school working in order to fund your university path and you hit Uni at 23, you’re looking at graduating when you’re 28 – 29 years old! The average amount of student debt left after university is $30,000, meaning students may hit their 50s before they finally have these loans paid off!

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