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Really miserable state of affairs in this country for men. Dating is merely a headache, no matter how you go about it, you are gonna be disappointed.

Set-ups and blind dates are great, but without that help, just meeting someone out there in the world is tricky. If 24 options have this effect on satisfaction, how about the seemingly endless stream of potential partners available on some dating websites? The perception that there could be better options out there could be preventing people from being happy with an otherwise satisfying match. but could there be someone else who fits me even better? The pull of the unknown could undermine a potentially healthy and very happy relationship.

Sure, this person gets my humor, shares my love of hiking, crab dip, diners, and open-mic nights . One way to manage this problem is to limit the number of choices you allow yourself to consider.

Some online dating websites do this for you by providing only a limited set of matches based on your criteria.

And when at last it gives in to actual feeling, the shift is unredeeming.

Like a loud date who has blathered on all evening, it has long since made the case that we’re not meant to be.#Date Me: An Ok Cupid Experiment Through Oct.

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