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Ste has been at the centre of several storylines including joyriding, domestic abuse, a baby kidnapping plot, drug dealing, HIV and a gay relationship.

He was initially portrayed as a "bad boy" type character.

He thought he and Slanina-Davies delivered brilliant performances portraying the "reality of so many 16-17-year-olds", struggling to make a life for themselves.

He felt some of their scenes were "downright shocking".

At the time Richardson released a statement opining domestic violence affects many young people in any form of life.

He stated he could imagine "how frightening it would be to have him as a boyfriend" and condemned his "violence and bullying" because it is always unacceptable." During April 2009 Amy gave birth to Lucas and subsequently left due to post-natal depression.

Ste was created by David Hanson and was originally intended to be a short-term character for seven episodes.

The following series producer Bryan Kirkwood decided to bring the character back on a permanent basis.

A couple, Abi Raven (Elaine Glover) and Daniel Raven (Chris Hargreaves) befriended Ste and tried to convince him that he was a good father and that he did not need Amy in their lives.

Ste began working in restaurant Il Gnosh to earn money for his children, showing that the character had matured.

In 2010 Richardson revealed that executive producer Lucy Allan was going to return Ste to his "bad" ways.

Although he changed, producer Lucy Allan wanted him to revert.

The issue of domestic violence has been portrayed through the character on two occasions: the first was his violence towards girlfriend Amy Barnes (Ashley Slanina-Davies), and the second when he suffered abuse from his boyfriend Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Richardson and co-star Slanina-Davies both fronted an anti-domestic abuse campaign called "Expect Respect" for Women's Aid.

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Its aim was to raise awareness of domestic abuse in a homosexual relationship.

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