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It’s rare when a TV series can create a compelling and tragic character in less than half an hour but god damn, "Eulogy" makes it look like nothing.

(I love it so much so I'm even doing a podcast about it where I rewatch the series episode by episode with someone who's never seen it, the Robo Skull Cast.) To get some facts out of the way, was a combination of three different anime series into one huge universe.

I mean come on, have you tried watching any of those ‘classic’ 80’s shows recently?

Sure they’re nostalgic and fun, but do they really hold up to scrutiny? It was a pioneer not just in sophisticated story telling for kids, but helping to solidify the slowly growing anime fanbase in America.

With the help of some clever editing and voiceover, the three series more or less work as a whole.

The following list isn’t so much one that tells the whole story of . While tempting to just start from the beginning, I prefer to lead with the episode that subverts your expectations.

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