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Also, anyone training in the other 7 can of course get some corrections on those.

As usual anything else you might be practicing in your own time, you can ask questions about and get corrected. Arriving at the Park: The Head Master of the WTBA Eli Montaigue, followed by the Canadian Head Master Josephine Anderson, and lastly is the workshop Host and Maryland Head Master Brian Alexander. Josephine with Senior WTBA Instructor Ron Mc Cracken doing a detailed study of double push hands.

The Center's mission is to improve the quality of life in our community through crisis intervention and violence prevention.

Congratulations to Tyler Trainer for attaining the 1st Level Instructor Degree on May 18, 2014 at the U. Head of the WTBA Eli Montaigue promoted Tyler based on first hand observation of Tyler's skill and knowledge of Taiji. Salt Lake City, Utah : 7th~10th March (Master Marshall Parnell) 3. Minneapolis, Minnesota : 17th~21st March (Master Robert Frankovich) 6. Laurel, Maryland : 31st March ~ 4th April (Master Hyun Suk Lee) 10. Gentlemen, prepare yourselves to now begin your official Hapkido training! She was in the 12-14 Blue Belt Light-Heavy division of 5 fighters. Robert Joseph Born: trong Born: Went Home: 2-28-2013 Robert was a kind, jovial and enthusiastic person and Taekwondoist who began his PMA training at the Salisbury school headquarters under Grand Master Park, then continued his training at the Seaford branch school until he received his black belt. He is survived by his wife Anne Marie Joseph and children, Kesna Joseph, Rosalene Joseph, Mchenry Joseph, Mc Gee Joseph, Phlegon Joseph.

Tyler is only the second person to achieve the black belt rank in the Park's Martial Arts Taiji class. Eli Montaigue with Tyler Trainer Have you read our Articles lately? March 2014 East Coast Haidong Gumdo Masters Seminar/Workshop Several USA East Coast Gumdo Masters attended the intensive seminar/workshop under the World Haidong Gumdo Federations Head Master of Education, Jeong-Woo, Kim. San Francisco, California : 3rd~7th March (Master Y. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : 21st~24th March (Master Frank Bergman) 7. Miyuki sparred two times, each fight consisting of 3 one minute rounds. After her first National Championships, Miyuki came back home with a Silver Medal! Robert's Wake will be held at 6pm to 9pm on Friday March 8, 2013 at Levittown, PA this past weekend (Nov 6-7) with WHDGF Head Education Master Jeong-Woo, Kim.

Unfortunately many Masters and participants were unable to attend due to Hurricanes Sandy.

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In 1988 the university was declared a national arboretum which provides an attractive landscape setting, conducive to learning that boasts over 2,000 species.

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