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The most notable of Nick’s girlfriend’s is Olivia Culpo, whom he dated for two years breaking up sometime in 2015.Olivia Culpo is Miss Universe 2012, the duo met at Miss USA 2013 competition and began dating soon after.It's a duet with Miley, which is great." The song didn't originally include Miley until Nick saw it as the perfect opportunity to record with his ex and to share their tale of young love with their fans.Nick Jonas were together during the Memorial Day weekend.As an actor, Nick has starred in movies like Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, and most recently Goat.

And the teens haven't done too much to discourage the rumors: On Thursday, photos of [artist id="2408193"]Miley[/artist] and Nick jet-skiing in Georgia emerged, and next Tuesday, their duet, "Before the Storm," will be available for public consumption on the Jo Bros' new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. Well, when Miley spoke to radio station 107.5 The River in Tennessee, it seemed like the answer was a definite "kind of." "He's my best friend, and we still hang out all the time, and we've definitely reconnected," she said when asked if it's weird to work with her ex.

Nick Jonas is an American actor, songwriter and singer best known as the lead singer for the now disbanded Jonas Brothers band that included his two brothers Joe and Kevin.

The band was started as a solo project by Nick for singing but his producer thought he sounded better when his brothers backed him up.

Asked by the ancient talk show host if he has a girlfriend, Joe Jonas admitted that he does, but wouldn't name names (it's Camilla Belle, we're fairly certain).

Asked if she is in "the business" or if she is as famous as Nick's girlfriend, Joe responded "I don't think anyone is as famous as Miley Cyrus." In addition to grilling them on their romantic endeavors - maybe Larry was looking for some pointers, as he's been married like 11 times - King also talked to the three young hunks about their music and Nick's recent high school graduation.

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"We both just kind of saw each other again and kind of decided this whole thing was stupid and ... "And our families are super happy that we're hanging out again." When MTV News caught up with Nick Jonas earlier this week, he explained a bit about how Cyrus ended up on their new album.

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