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On this page, we have the latest Minecraft Java update, while on page two we've collected Minecraft Bedrock's latest patch notes.

Minecraft Java 1.15 adds something that not enough of our real world appreciates enough: bees!

Minecraft bees live in bee nests that spawn in flowery biomes.

With seeing those post, you would think they would have said, did, advise or whatever words you can find in a dictionary that means, "to notify or prevent" many users from going thru these issues.

It's recommend to create a subfolder which is named with the version which you are backing up, for example "1.2.5".

If you already have the of the previous version (or Pre-Release), you just need to replace the in the .minecraft/bin folder with your backed up version.

To be frank, only made this account to post and hopefully find a resolve. Stopped holding my breath, started looking like Smurfette. How do we know if they are even working on fixing it? Same here on ASUS transformer Android tablet and Droid Turbo. This is on both of my twins' Samsung Galaxy Kid's Tablets.

Now feeling like Brainy smurf with a plate of crackers. Needless to say I have 2 very disappointed little girls.

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If you want to restore your Minecraft installation to a previous version, you need the original file (of the version you like to roll back to) which was downloaded by the Launcher.

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