Mom dating daughter

Each time she visited I was shocked at how much she had grown.She was still the intelligent kid I remembered, but seemed to grow more confident and attractive day by day.

That seemed to help eliminate any remaining resentment she may have had towards me and turned the tide in my favor.

Shortly after the ink on the papers dried, I was offered a big promotion to lead a group in my firm's Los Angeles office, which I reluctantly accepted. was simply the place to be, so I packed up and reluctantly left my thirteen year old daughter with her mother.

The move was bittersweet because my wife was awarded custody of Kasey, yet to advance in my career I felt I simply had to take the position. In my head, I tried hard to justify my actions as anything other than selfish.

The young woman just so happens to be my loving daughter, Kasey.

I'm sure you're wondering how it came to pass, so let me backtrack a bit so you'll better understand just how it was I got here.

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