Netvibes not updating

Click "Add", then "Feed" and enter the URL of the web site you want to track, Netvibes will usually reveal and allow hidden feeds.If no RSS feeds available, there are many online services that converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly.

You need to design your application based on domains which aligns with the functionality of your application.

The traditional design of having a Monolithic Database for multiple services creates a tight coupling and inability to deploy your service changes independently.

If there are multiple services accessing the same database, any schema changes would need to be coordinated amongst all the services – which in real world can cause additional work and delay in deploying changes.3.

Most of the times you have a relational store as your monolith database.

This constraints all your services to use a relational database.

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Improving application performance becomes a challenge. With a single shared database, over a period of time you end up having huge tables.

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  1. Their rift makes it increasingly difficult for them to continue doing the web show, leaving Freddie and the rest of their fans to wonder if this is the end of .