Nick jonas dating olivia culpo

Olivia Culpo may have been one of Jonas’ most public relationships.

He dated the former Miss Universe from 2013 to 2015. “We went out one night and this guy was looking at her for a little too long …

The duo began dating in 2013 and lasted through spring 2015.

Although Olivia allegedly expected an on-screen engagement in January 2015, their relationship ultimately reportedly fizzled due to the difficulty of their long-distance arrangement, although "they still love[d] and care[d] about each other and only want the best for one another," E! Nick and actor Priyanka, 36, made their first public appearance on a friend date to the Met Gala in May 2017.

Back in 2014, the then 22 year-old ex Jonas Brother (well, he’s still a brother to the Kevin and Joe, but you know what we mean), was making waves as a solo artist and performing at the Miss Universe pageant.

Whilst the top 10 finalists where being announced the former Disney star sang his hits ‘Chains’, ‘Teacher’ and ‘Jealous’.

This created somewhat of a love triangle between Jonas, Cyrus, and Gomez that fizzled out soon after it began.Rumors of their romantic involvement swirled in May 2018, two months before Nick shut down a Tiffany's down to buy her an engagement ring.To determine whether his new bond with Priyanka is as strong as the relationship he shared with Olivia, which lasted much longer, look no further than the photos below: Above, Nick and Olivia make intense eye contact with their bodies turned toward and pressed against each other.They're not just standing close—Nick wraps his arm around Olivia's waist, pulling her in. You never want to get too close to someone who you’re not emotionally close to," Cobb says.Neither Nick nor Priyanka look desperate to ravish each other à la Olivia and Nick above: There are at least a couple inches of space between their bodies.

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It was a dream come true getting to record the @therealonj iconic songs featured throughout #Hopelessly Devoted To You!

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