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This decision still stands today, and it is the reason why movies have ratings. They were called stag films, and were usually for men only.These films were illegal due to the censorship laws of the time, so they were usually produced anonymously.” While the birth control pill had been invented, that didn’t mean everyone had access to it.Up until 1965, many states had banned its sale and use, even among married couples.Before the pill, if a woman got pregnant, she and the man were expected to get married. Free Sex Dangers STD’s From 1964-1968 the rate of STDs in California increased by 165%.It increased across the rest of the country as well, but California had the highest concentration of communes.

While these black and white movies didn’t have anything remotely like the sex scenes in today’s movies, they did have overt sexual undertones.

Be it religion or just social disapproval, having sex freely has been frowned on by most societies. Sex of any kind was considered something that happened behind closed doors, and free sex was a dirty secret that it was in the participants best interest to keep. If you think back to most societies throughout history, survival was much harder than it is today. The Late 1800’s The Industrial Revolution led to a revolution in many other areas. While a few women worked outside of the home prior to the Industrial Revolution, it became much more common.

This led to women having much more freedom and independence.

They have since the beginning of time, and I’m sure they will til the end of time (or beyond) as well.

Many women these days are just as promiscuous as men.

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There was a lot of pressure on young women to behave like proper ladies. Media The 1920’s also gave rise to the erotic novel.

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