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Easy "He's Still On The Naughty List" trophy During "The Santa Clawz" mission, fly to the giant Zinyak statue on Magarac Island.This is the same island where you control a statue to fight Paul.Be careful about what buildings you run up, or you might not get enough height to reach the next building.Jump from the casino and while in the air, use your mobile phone to call an airplane, then fly close to the Nuke Plant.It is a reference to the words "Don't Panic" written on The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy's book cover, in which Earth is blown up by an alien race.

All Audio Log locations Search the indicated locations to find all Audio Logs: Saints Row series references The simulation "Leave It To The Saints" is a parody of Leave It To Beaver.

However, although you cannot touch the ground or rooftops, you land on the sides of buildings, telephone poles, trees, etc.

Run up the sides of those structures to continue your glide.

Streets Of Rage reference During a mission, you play a side-scroller called "Saints Of Rage".

Terminator reference During the "Ghost In The Machine" main story mission, you will encounter the "murder bots" (you will also encounter this enemy throughout the game).

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