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Typically, scammers post an advertisement on a social media site that reads “click here for a 0 gift card”.

When users follow the link, they’re duped into handing over personal details in exchange for a non-existent voucher.

Most of us are wise to the opening ploy of a scam letter.

In this instance, “Andreas” has stumbled upon .5m in an account belonging to a deceased customer.

The seller receives an email purportedly from Pay Pal saying the money has been paid.

The payment also includes a little extra for shipping costs.

“I write to you in good faith and trust that you will take a moment to consider the contents of this letter.

When recipients clicked on the link, it launched spyware on their computer.

How to avoid them: A scammer sends a spam letter to a list of people.

The scammer claims to be the representative of an estate or finance company – such as the “Chief Auditor of Lloyds Financial Services” – who is trying to track down the beneficiary of a will.

In reality, the account in question is fine, and the website is recording your login details for the scammers to use later.

How to avoid them: How they work: One online trading scam targets people selling items such as cars via auction.

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