Obstetric nuchal dating scan

Women’s Imaging conducts a detailed risk assessment for your baby in accordance with the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

As well as checking that your baby is growing well and confirming your due date the main aim of the scan includes: On the day of your scan you can choose to have the results given to you by our resident radiologist or obstetrician or have the results delivered by your doctor or obstetrician at your follow-up appointment.

Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like your results on the day.

Ultrasound is safe to use throughout your pregnancy. If you are allergic to latex prior to the vaginal scan or you don’t know then a latex-free cover will be used on the probe.

Sound waves are used instead of radiation which makes them safe.

You will need to have a blood test done before coming to Women’s Imaging for your ultrasound scan. You can have your blood test done any time from 10 weeks of pregnancy.

The bladder needs to be completely emptied in order to perform this method of ultrasound.

Sometimes your measurements are taken before you have your scan and sometimes after.

When the sonographer takes you through to the scanning room you will be asked to lie on the table and expose your tummy.

When you arrive for your scan you will be asked to fill out a form about your pregnancy to date.

You will then have your blood pressure taken on both arms and your height and weight will be measured if you are not sure.

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