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Once these unsavory characters get access to the database, they have millions of people’s private data in their hands.

If all that data were decentralized and encrypted, it would be safe from such attacks.

So far, the app has hosted users all over the world, and it has become particularly popular in countries where the government is known to spy on digital communications.

Many users in the Middle East, Russia, China, and Ukraine have formed private social groups on Stealthy.

At the Berlin Summit the next year, a plucky web-based application called Stealthy beat out the competition and took home the prize.

“What’s really fascinating about Stealthy is they show you how powerful bring-you-own-ID really is,” said Ryan Shea, Co-Founder of Blockstack. Outside the two of us, no one else can see that.” Developers Alex Carriera and Prabhaav Bhardwaj invested their prize money in the Stealthy app and founded a tech startup that would champion private communications between anonymous users around the world.

They’ve seen data privacy scandals rock governments and sway elections, and they’re eager to do something to help elevate the conversation and keep cybercriminals from hacking democracies.

“People have started truly understanding the heavy price they were paying for using the free apps that collect their data,” he told us.

Online daters, singles, couples, and others who are worried about their most intimate chats becoming public can use Stealthy to encrypt their conversations and keep their personal lives on the down-low.

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