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Yet few have the traction online of Bishop Richard Umbers, auxiliary of Sydney.Soon after their two-hour meeting with the pope on Monday, he went to Twitter to say that it had been a “brilliant audience” and very encouraging.People in the Archdiocese [of Sydney] were really worried, thinking I might be meeting up with a murderer or something, but it’s really interesting. Going to the conferences before and after organized by university students was really something.Much like online dating, you don’t always know what you’re going to encounter … But I met with a lot of college students, people from all walks of life. You were in the States this year for the March for Life in Washington. I would like to organize something like that in Australia, but to get there you need to basically energize people and get activists who’ve seen it in operation elsewhere doing the groundwork.Hahn recounts the significant role Opus Dei played in his conversion from evangelical Christianity to Catholicism and explains why its teachings remain at the center of his life.Hahn relates personal stories to show how Opus Dei’s spirituality enriches the meaning of daily work and transforms ordinary relationships.

“I do think that we need to be targeted because if not, it can become so broad that it’s meaningless.” This doesn’t mean that it would have a single-issue focus: “We do have to be pro-immigration, pro-dignity of all sorts of people. We went to the same place where the Holy Father did, the same chapel, the same everything. It was a bit touchy-feely, but we got to know each other very well.The March for Life in the United States was born as a response to Roe v. Why the importance for having the March for Life in Australia?There’s a very infamous Australian philosopher by the name of Peter Singer who’s at Princeton and other places, having an enormous influence in practical philosophies at university, despite being very controversial.To its members, however, Opus Dei is a spiritual path, a way of integrating Jesus’ teaching into their everyday lives.In this book, Scott Hahn, a member of Opus Dei, describes the organization’s founding and mission and as well as its profound influence on his life.

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