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To alleviate this, I have tried to archive portions of the inbox that the mailbox admin has approved; however, after checking the mailbox size (Right-click folder in Outlook Folder Size), I have found that the size reported on the server side has barely been reduced.Despite archiving or deleting almost 18GBs worth of data, the mailbox's overall size has only decreased by ~2GB according to the 'Server Data' tab in Outlook.Additionally, it looks like if you have two copies of the same message in the inbox and if you delete one of them, it deletes both of them.To resolve this: Check out this knowledge base article I found in the Dartmouth College knowledge base.Creating new profile works After some research we found this hotfix for Outlook 2013: technology.After you install this security update, Autodiscover may fail for Exchange 2007 configurations.

Hi, I am trying to move my company's email to Exchange Online, but we have a mailbox that exceed the 50GB limit.The file can be created and updated at any location you specify, usually your local hard drive.Archived items are removed from your Outlook mailbox size and moved to the archive file based on the settings you determine.If you feel confident that you want to delete a message forever, you can bypass the Deleted Items folder by pressing [Shift] [Delete] for a selected item instead of pressing the [Delete] key. Attachments in email messages are responsible for a bulk of the space used in your Outlook mailbox.Depending on the email communication, one option is to save the attachment and then to remove the attachment from the original message.

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In Outlook, choose File Even though the messages you move to Personal Folders are no longer counted in the size of your mailbox, the Personal Folders file (outlook.pst) is stored on your local hard drive and is not accessible remotely.

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