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pleaded guilty yesterday to escaping police custody last spring and was seniene^ to three yeara In penitentiary. long, elegant panels new^^l approach lo decoraitv drama. Improved "Balanced Fidelity" Sound, and a power transformer that assures stronger, more reliable performance and longer lube life. If caught with the wrung type, could he heheaded- itf , C u»»A Moilrrii Wall Drami Slim. At the part, Attla's Jml will make him whirl In a n W dance to complete exhaustio It msy take as much «s »w days, hot In the end the Jin will he ARilsfled and Ai Ha m be cured • The problem Is that such party will coat At Ha st K* twothlrrtt of his monthly si arv of about Attla's Jinni la the san kind that appeared when Air din rubbed hla magic Isrr Many Eiypt Una atl U belle firmly In these ahadowy I Inga. C Des Brlsay -dered the new trial Friday «*id the reasons would he i This year there arc more toys and the quality la gener aliy higher. Included among lots for sale are three speed bikes, new pedal cars and a model irnin set. There are dulls, doll furni- luie and iloll buggies The vjai-c age U represented by a working rocker launcher, new, and a walking model aatcltite. pkons EV 2 6832 EV 44179 Frogman Tlds IS the woist d.iy's mg I've done yet ’ ■vets ili'aci* '*d H the Innge. Club* expect ih Score* of good quality trees 2.500 tree* to b are available from the Gf Cdler Sunday night Vleto Tla Retarded Chlfdren'* youth project* v Association stand at Hlllakle member!

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