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Who will make up that group of friends is up to them by this point, not me.

Woman C: I moved to Nicaragua in September 2015 for work.

And, in all honesty, 130 degree weather isn’t a valid reason to pick up and leave. When you love to travel like I do, you also give up something else that’s a pretty big deal.

Any chance at any sort of steady, semi-healthy romantic relationship.

I think I always held a stereotype of Latinos as being sexual and flirtatious before moving here, but that is only half true — people can be very flirty and make sexual jokes out of anything, but when it comes to actually talking seriously or honestly about sex and having the sex itself, [my experience is] they tend to be quite conservative.

With my partner, who is a local, it took a long time for us to be on the same page in talking about what we wanted and what we thought about sex. That was very surprising to me given the stereotype of a "Latin lover." Woman B: Maybe this was totally naive, but I didn't expect the social scene in general — at least, the part of it that was most familiar to me — to be so insular and focused on other expats, mostly Europeans who were in the region working for governments or NGOs on aid projects.

It can just get old when you’re the one in the mind-set of, “OK, I live here.

I now live in a very Catholic, socially conservative country and city.

Woman B: I moved to East Africa five years ago to work for a local health nonprofit for a year.

Woman A: I moved to South America five years ago from California when I became a Peace Corps volunteer.

Woman A: I had a partner at the time I moved to South America.

We stayed together when I left for the Peace Corps and remained in a relationship for about a year and a half. S., and we were committed to doing long-distance ...

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Woman C: A lot of really awesome Nicaraguan men are already in relationships — and -term relationships, so in a way it feels like all the good ones are taken. There is also the option to date other expats, which is sort of hard: a lot of expats are really transient, and since I live here long-term (I don’t have some end date in mind), it’s hard for me to feel like I can invest in anyone who isn’t staying here for at least a year.

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