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The first schooner to hail an inbound ship would win the right to board a Pilot and sail the ship safely to one of Maryland’s historic ports such as St. Michael’s, Cambridge, Solomon’s Island, Annapolis, Havre de Grace, Rock Hall, Chestertown, and Baltimore.The use of small pilot schooners in the late 1700's led to the development of the Baltimore Clippers, the fastest vessels of their day.Payment options for Senior is diverse giving you the ability to subscribe using either Mastercard, Pay Pal, visa credit and American express, or money order, and banker's cheque via postal mail.

Ships longer than 3 football fields and nearly 48‘ deep routinely transit the narrow ship channels leading to Baltimore that are only 50' in depth. Pilots are on the “front lines” protecting the environmental and ecological balance of the Chesapeake Bay by ensuring the safe passage of these large ships that carry huge quantities of oil and other hazardous liquids.

Confirmation and verification: After signing up for this online dating site, the next crucial step would be to verify your identity so as to prove to others that you are a real member of this site.

By doing so, you will receive badges from other members that would confirm your age, gender, education, work among many more.

This online dating site is strictly for senior singles, while not providing room for those under the age of thirty.

This is to ensure that membership is only for the elderly singles.

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