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Mat Mc Mullen, CEO of sex doll company Real Doll, said: “Everyone wants to know – what is it going to be like?

"It's going to be an amazing new experience that no one has ever had before.“We're trying to create the desire to have sex beyond the physical."In order for people to find themselves attracted to the A.

She learns from your conversations and is willing to adapt to personal situations.

Well trained in commands for a wide variety of sexual activities. A full year of development in the learning processes and additional training during Private Alpha Build stages has gone into the making of this first public version of the Official Pubic Beta Release.

Besides being naturally horny, Claire just seems to love to please a man who is not only more experienced but who also shows her how far she can go and that being obedient is her only option. Needless to say, our little girl can be testy at times but that is what makes it even more exciting to Chat with her.

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Explore erotic affairs of intimacy in virtual encounters.

Join Buttsurfer Girl cumming on Amazing Exotic Buttsurfin' Safari Adventures.

(Irony for Wicked fans is that this silly video ends with a plug for the company's website wickedrealdoll to sell life-size love dolls to horny guys, clearly the only reason this stinker exists.)Of course, the marketing pitch is to live off the label's Good Will assets, namely the remaining superstar contract talent of Asa Akira, Jessica Drake and Stormy Daniels, touted as together for the first time.

That comes true in the last of 3 vignettes (DVD is skimpy in that regard, as modern Adult videos generally provide 4 to 6 vignettes) when Akira as Asa Doll activates two more dolls named "jessica drake" (she is lowercase even in computer read-outs, undoubtedly a trademark gimmick) and "Stormy Daniels", not very creative work in Brad's uncredited "script". Entire plot is in voice-over narration provided by Drake (uncredited in that function but instantly recognizable).

A new generation of highly-sophisticated robotics and animatronics has already created commercially available sex robots almost indistinguishable from humans.

And future versions of the androids will offer men bespoke sexual stimuli which are just not available in real life women.

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