Problems updating ipod touch to 5 0

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Next query...since I have the 3.1.3 software version would that be a first generation?

There are a number of things that made me update to 4.2.1 anyway, but you are the best judge of how much the improvements are useful to you.

You also can do a "General First of all thanks for the reply!

Bought the i Pod with my i Mac in 2010 and didn't open the i Pod til now! You can sync music to it regardless of what i OS version is on it, except for Apple Music tracks.(141322)Since i Tunes said an update was available it seems you have a 2G i Pod. I've a testing MC086BT device on 4.2.1, and 3.1.3 is the best you can handle with the intended user experience for that model.

Whether you use i Tunes or update wirelessly, you'll have the same amount of free space on your device after you update.Keeping this need in mind apple launched ipod touch.After its launch millions of people have bought it and are making use of it.Also, I plugged it in my i Mac and it prompted it having updates that would take 7 hours -.Didnt have a steady enough connection for that long and it kept needing to start over. the big time question is whether I will ever be able to download my i Mac music on the i Pod if it can't get the newer updates that I have on the Mac. It’s not possible to tell from the installed i OS version, but 3.1.3 is the first generation’s maximum i OS, not its original one.2. There are problems syncing a 1G with 3.1.3 with i Tunes 12.3As side note, 4.2.1 version will hit the 2nd generation 3.1.3 i Pod (if that is your device) with some performance degrade (depending your average use).

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