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"It's the same producers, same editors, etc., right?"Nope: the Weinsteins may be the show's executive producers and owners, but its actual production staff was mainly Bravo's, and right after the Lifetime move was announced Bravo locked up all of the series' primary producers and staff into exclusive contracts.Now all they have to do is make it boring so no one would care. Why would they go through the trouble of airing the season at all them, r2? It's also being shot in LA then, because Heidi didn't want to be in NYC anymore, is that right?

Even though Nina was essentially fired from "Elle" recently, they went through protracted negotiations to keep her on as an "editor-at-large" for the sole reason of maintaining her judge position on "Runway." They don't want her running the magazine, but they also don't want to lose the exposure they get having an "Elle" editor on such a high-profile show (and there's no way to know whether her successor at "Elle" would be accepted by the show's viewers, who generally like her). And if you watch Project Runway and ANTM for 'credibility' and not entertainment, you're a really hopeless case.

There is a pretty big story in this week's Entertainment Weekly, with a Heidi interview. Name ONE influencial high fashion designer from LA fashion week?

She says they won't be in LA full time next season, they'll spilt their time between NY and LA, but that they will spend some time there using the city as a backdrop to do more challenges on red carpet glamour. People in New York dress themselves...people in Hollywood are dressed by stylists. But please, let's not turn this thread into "NYC vs LA battle pt. If the show is a huge success in LA will the fashion industry eventually up and move there, too?

A switch to a different network is rare, but it's been done; "Buffy" moved from The WB to UPN, and "Scrubs" is moving from NBC to ABC this fall.

Why do you think it would help them in any way, shape or form to a) become known in the industry as vindictive assholes and b) piss off the Weinsteins, two of the most powerful people in showbiz?

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