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A m legal action ensued, and the night lives in Led Zep legend as "The Oakland Incident".

The American promoter Bill Graham later described Grant's security men as "just waiting to kill".

The thing about friendship is that you’re dealing with an established commodity.

That’s why, in my humble opinion, sex with a stranger beats sex with a friend.

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The iconic 71-year-old Led Zeppelin guitar god was spotted walking hand in hand in London with Scarlett Sabet, a 25-year-old actress.

The rumor mill has been churning for more than a year that legendary Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has taken up residence in Austin with his singer-songwriter paramour and Sensational Space Shifters bandmate Patty Griffin (Michael Corcoran even tweeted about a Plant sighting).

The stakes, in this instance, are a lot higher, because there’s actually something to lose.

At the girl's screams, Cole and Grant appeared and dragged him off.

Maddox said Bonham was the nicest guy in the world when sober, but a maniac when drunk.

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