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As expected, Nadal is sweet and rather awkward, answering questions modestly in English and Spanish. The only thing that's tough about having so many fans, he explains, is that he can't sign autographs for everyone, and he'd like to.Then he's asked if he prefers to play in the day or at night."The court wasn't always in great condition—all of that, even playing badly, helps you to develop. Fans have expressed concern that he is risking injury, although he and his team deny this.)Along with the tough training came tough love."In terms of shots, he's not a phenomenon, but he's not completely useless either," Toni Nadal says.A., Nadal was groomed to be great on the earth of Majorca.(Although there was a time when the Spanish newspaper When he was a little boy, his uncle Toni told his now-agent Carlos Costa, "I have a six-year-old nephew who's going to be a very good player." It was six years before Costa finally saw Nadal play.This is met with a pure, straight-faced statement of the obvious: "I prefer to play well."Afterward, his ever-present publicist, Benito Pérez-Barbadillo, introduces me to him in preparation for our interview.Nadal shakes my hand, pats me on the shoulder, and says, "Encantado." He is relaxed, charming, and, at six foot one, taller than I expected.

After the player beats his opponent, he stops by the camera that has been broadcasting his actions in real time and signs the lens with a Sharpie.

Little do I know that this is the last time I will speak to him for the next five days.

One of the reasons it's hard to get close to Nadal, I soon discover, is that he is fiercely protected by his team, mostly made up of family members.

"If he had Federer's gifts I might have chosen a different style, but I like this intense, strong style he has."Toni points out that his nephew was raised to put up with things.

"If when you're young you're permitted to do anything, then when you're older you can cause all kinds of damage. "He's won a few times, you know."The next morning, I'm supposed to meet Nadal for our interview, but Benito puts me off.

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