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For more information about what e Harmony asks for during the signup process, check out this article.Islam is easily the second-largest religion in the world.Women are not permitted to marry more than one man, traditionally because of the difficulty of proving which man fathered which son.When in doubt, Muslims will often seek instruction from the life of Muhammad.Many Muslim scholars take pains to make it clear that local customs often influence the practice of the religion.It’s true that the Koran guides Muslims in seeking a marriage partner and that the relevant passages are often interpreted the same way across the world.Well over one billion people practice some form of the faith, and a majority of the faithful put religion at the heart of how they live their lives.

An article in Forbes says that there are almost 8,000 dating sites in the world, with dozens of them catering to a specific religion.

The Koran does not mandate inequality between men and women.

Officially, men and women enjoy equal rights and duties in the practice of Islam and also equality in the marriage relationship.

The vast complexity of Islam is compounded by cultural variations among Muslims.

Every race and ethnicity counts some Muslims among its number, and mosques have been built around the world where they absorb local marriage customs.

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All Muslims belong to a community of believers called the ummah.

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