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A crazy list: 25 Perfectly Evil And Satisfying Ways To Get Revenge On Someone Who Did You Wrong!If someone does you wrong, cheated on you or betrayed you, getting over it and living a happy life is often said to be the best revenge on the person.This story contains spoilers for the movie Serenity (like, character death spoilers, if you're still a decade behind the rest of the world : P) and a reference to the movie Shaun of the Dead and the Mi B trilogy. " "This is the second time I've climbed in through your window. "And you told me to come in like this because your dad's home.""Second time? "Now, do you want to know what I found out about your teacher or not? It's only a small bump, probably not even enough to hurt when there's no pressure being put on the spot. His dad knowing about the supernatural isn't, according to Stiles, an invitation to lay all the supernatural crap at his dad's door."Goddamn freaking werewolves," Stiles grumbles as he stomps over to the window, unhooking the latch so that Derek can slide up the window and climb inside. To get Stiles to shut up, Derek runs his hand over the small swelling, sucking out the faint traces of pain Stiles is feeling. That's when Sheriff Stilinski opens the door and asks, "What the hell is going on? A few seconds tick by where all three of them are entirely motionless, then the sheriff slowly raises an eyebrow, giving the hand Stiles reflexively put on Derek's thigh when he had half-knelt on the bed to check the wound a pointed look.*g* - I've tagged this with "no archive warnings apply" because I leave the issue of Stiles' age up to the reader.Stiles is still in high school in this fic, but I don't mention whether or not he's 18 yet anywhere.- There is a scene where Stiles hugs and tries to kiss Derek's cheek without warning and in a way that makes Derek uncomfortable.This wiki How teaches you how to avoid being scammed on dating sites.

Again," he adds, running a hand over his face before using it to hide a yawn.

"We can talk about this tomorrow." Saturday morning breakfast in the Stilinski house is usually a very casual affair.

This time, though, Stiles puts it off for as long as he can, going so far as to get showered and dressed before 9am on a Saturday before he makes his way downstairs and squirms under his dad's heavy gaze."I can explain! "I'm sure you can," his dad says easily, breaking some eggs into the pan. " As if on cue, two slices of toast pop out of the toaster and his dad smiles. Pour yourself some juice.""Right." Stiles grabs the toast, making a face at the almost charred bread.

Then his expression changes and settles into one of balanced calm as Stiles turns back to his dad.

Before Stiles can open his mouth, the sheriff holds up a hand.

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Stiles notices this and it makes him uncomfortable in turn, but he doesn't stop his behavior completely.

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