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romanced Hines, according to a friend of Laurence Kirwan. could be called as a witness in the nasty divorce case. Mary Richardson, who suffered from depression and struggled with alcoholism, committed suicide at age 52, hanging herself in the barn of the Westchester County home she once shared with RFK Jr. She married him in 1994 and bore him four children. Others came from Palm Beach, Fla., Alaska, Aspen, Colo., Miami, Montreal, Cleveland and Pensacola, Fla. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, he told me.

I had no clue what that had to do with her driving ability. was “loyal — or delusional’’ for defending an entitled dame who could have hurt or killed innocents, even herself, when she drove her SUV on a highway while zonked on the prescription sleeping pill Ambien and proceeded to smash the vehicle into a tractor-trailer truck.

Then, folks in the drug-treatment industry came to a rapid conclusion in messages posted on the Web: The young man apparently is the “victim’’ of the genetic disease of drug addiction, which he likely inherited from his mom, O’Neal, who’s been hooked on heroin. The cafe sells coffee, plus beer and cocktails that you can’t get at Starbucks.Let this serve as a warning to the prospective bride: Marry this man at your own peril.As The Post’s Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein reported, RFK Jr., a lawyer and environmental activist, kept files of women’s names in his cellphone. Two months before her death, Richardson shared her estranged husband’s compilation of women’s names, arranged alphabetically by first name, with a friend.Is the public willing to excuse allegations of bad behavior committed by rich, privileged liberals?Or have the once-puritanical American attitudes toward infidelity simply grown more French?

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is going to have a real uphill battle ahead of him if he intends to marry Cheryl Hines.

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