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"If you were to use the last name, it's kind of more complicated," Wiedemann said.So, too, when there's more than one person with the same name.– Injuries are never welcome, but I think that in this case it will be good because it will give him time to prepare well to reach the World Cup in great condition.The life of a player is to live match to match, day by day and I think nobody is thinking yet about the World Cup, they are watching the Champions League, the end of the leagues that are to come, and I think players should think like this. I'm going to make music, I'm going to do my second passion. But I do not see myself as a coach, working with soccer... Q: What do you think about Neymar's decision to leave Barcelona to play at Paris Saint-Germain?– I’ve seen him doing very well, he's making history with his new club, and it's a club where I've played.

Learning just one name can be tough on a kid, so imagine the meltdown that mouthful could cause.

That's how there came to be a Ronaldo, a Little Ronaldo and a Little Ronaldo from southern Brazil.

Back when Ronaldo, he of the record for most goals scored in the World Cup, joined the Brazilian team, the squad already had a Ronaldo, a defender. Then another Ronaldinho came along, and they called him Ronaldinho Gaucho, for the area in Brazil where he was from.

– It is a healthy fight, which is good for soccer, because they are two players who are always there to define who will win the Golden Ball, to see who will be the best in the world.

So, it's a fight that is good for soccer and all those who love this sport.

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