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They do that, but at the same time they allow you to contribute, and that's where the genius comes in.They made the full experience of a grind-house movie.I think what's really phenomenal is these women [in the film] are really sexy. The girls would normally be torn to bits at the end and the dude gets to have that really great look and stare. As much as Quentin tried to say he doesn't have a foot fetish, it's like, "Dude, every movie you have has had great feet in it." MTV: So what's the best way to experience "Grindhouse"? Dawson: Well, yesterday we did a little bit of that, my brother and I. So we are sitting there [at a viewing,] eating pizza and ... And I had Harvey Weinstein on the left of me staring at everybody, laughing at everything, having a great time, popcorn all over himself.My brother sitting there texting people, saying this movie is so great, can't wait for it to come out. Check out everything we've got on "Grindhouse." Visit Movies on for more from Hollywood, including news, reviews, interviews and more. Visit the Trailer Park for the newest, scariest and funniest coming attractions anywhere.MTV: You've worked with Robert before, but what about Quentin? Like if you want to read something, read the script.If you want to talk to someone or be hanging out, talk with the people around you, get to know people around you. I think he can be like that ADD control freak, and when you have someone like that, you usually can't add anything, because they have everything under control, they have everything thought out.

I call it "Reservoir Bitches." It's pretty phenomenal.

The 27-year-old actress recently sat down with MTV News to discuss why "Grindhouse" isn't bad (even though it celebrates bad films) and her director's love of, well, women's feet.

(Click here to watch Rosario Dawson dish on "Sin City 2" and how she became a film buff.) (Editor's note: These questions were posed to Rosario Dawson in two separate interviews with MTV News.) MTV: "Grindhouse" directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino are often called brilliant in the media, but how does that manifest on set?

Isabel was 16 years old when Rosario was born; she never married Rosario's biological father, Patrick C. Dawson stated, "He's always been my dad." Dawson has a half-brother, Clay, who is four years younger.

At age 21, Isabel moved the family into an abandoned building, a squat on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where she and her husband renovated an apartment and installed the plumbing and electrical wiring for the building, creating affordable housing where Rosario and Clay would grow up.

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