Rubber band dating

If you are with a partner who withdraws, you can begin to challenge the stories that are running in your head–that are old, habitual ways of thinking.

In the past, we’ve called this dynamic the “relationship push-pull.” Here’s a description of what we’ve seen…

Whatever pattern you discover, allow the space for something different to happen in your life instead of playing and acting out old, worn out tapes that no longer serve you.

Becoming conscious of what takes us away from love and then taking steps toward more love is life-long work.

One of our long time subscribers to our newsletters wrote to ask if we support the rubber band theory in relationships in our breakthrough coaching practice.

We hope we’re talking about the same thing because as we think about it, the first time we heard about the “rubber-band” theory was when we originally read John Gray’s book While we know that many people get a lot of benefit from John Gray’s gender difference information, we think the issue is much broader and deeper than just being about a differences between men and women.

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–Habit–the way you learned to “resource” yourself or make yourself feel better–maybe from watching someone in your family do it that way.

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