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Buell eventually accepted A&E’s offer to build a series around the group, and features a different client: a bar owner whose wine glasses won’t stay shelved; a young woman whose barn houses black mists; and a couple whose religious relics are burned without explanation. Talking with Buell and some of his cohorts, it’s clear that he takes each case seriously, on or off camera.Each of the cases is unique, Buell told me, as is the team’s response to it.” It was two in the afternoon and Ryan Buell was still in his pajamas, washing the spoon he used to make his coffee.It had been a late night of paranormal investigation. I watched as he made the sign of the cross, prayed, invited a priest to bless the house, and gave its owners a couple of blessed medallions. But it was really the show’s 26-year-old star, Ryan Buell, who caught my attention.He was a part of the debate team at his High School and partook in acting for plays.

The A&E reality series Paranormal State will lose its star and subject after five seasons of following Ryan Buell and his Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society after Ryan announced he was quitting the show.Buell’s reason for pursuing a paranormal line of work has always remained the same.“There’s something real happening to these people, and someone needs to deal with it,” Buell said to me.Science Can’t Explain Everything “There are no official qualifications for being a paranormal investigator,” Buell said.“I’ve spent the last ten years training myself, working with highly regarded professionals in both the paranormal community and in other professions, [including] Catholic exorcists, law enforcement [and] psychologists, to become a well-rounded individual.” Based on his childhood experience, Buell understands whether the phenomena are paranormal or psychological, the experience takes a physical or mental toll.

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