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The show ends with Sita and Ramakant's marriage and everything going well for the Modi Family.

Krishna Raheja Khalid Siddiqui 's proposal of him marrying Gopi; on the wedding day, Gopi recovers, only to be unwillingly forced to marry Dr.

Gopi and Jaggi go to Singapore and forcibly bring Ramakant who is a spoilt, selfish youth back to India.

Radha threatens to kill baby Rashi and tries to destroy Modi Family, leaving Gopi no option but to kill her own sister. However, Meera refuses to accept Gopi, and blames the Modi Family of always creating problems for her.

" Paterno did not want to read the report, but family members and Penn State football communications and marketing assistant Guido D'Elia insisted that he must.

The book also indicates Paterno didn't comprehend all the terms in the report, asking his son what sodomy meant.

Meera and Vidya strive to expose Bhavani's crimes, one of which is Bhavani killing her husband and Sita's father, Keshavlal.

Then, Rashi sacrifies her life to save Gopi from an obsessed man who was in love with the latter.

In the book, Posnanski describes a scene at Paterno's home, two days after Sandusky had been charged with child sex abuse last November.

Urmila Vandana Vithlani and Jitu adopt Gopi the latter's niece after Gopi's parents pass away; she is left illiterate, naive, kind and shy while Rashi, their own daughter, is educated, outgoing, vivacious and cunning.

Ramakant heavily troubles the Modis, but is unable to return to Singapore due to his criminal record.

Ahem and the daughters both blame Gopi of prioritizing others before family.

The season ends with Ahem passing away in a car accident.

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