Santino marella dating tamina

Nikki is a future Women's Champion waiting to happen so her focus on her wrestling career has ensured that she has a future in the business.

It also ensures that the WWE Universe is only talking about her for the right reasons.

Kelly isn't best remembered for her time in the ring.

Instead, she had quite the reputation for relationships backstage with one of her most prominent relationships being with Test, someone who she was with for two and a half years.

Both Cena and James denied these rumors but this speculation was still reported to have cost Mickie her relationship with Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra, who she was engaged to for a number of years.

After Mickie left the company she moved over to Impact Wrestling where she met her future husband Magnus, who she now has a son with.

To some women, making history is much more important than making friends or starting relationships.

Of course, while there are many women in the company right now who want to be known and remembered purely for their wrestling ability, there are many who have become best remembered for their backstage reputation and the fact that they dated a large number of WWE stars during their time in the company rather than anything they were able to do inside the squared circle.

Instead, they would prefer to focus on their career and how far they can go as part of the Women's Revolution.Torrie was once married to fellow WWE star Billy Kidman but the couple was only able to last four years before it ended in divorce.Torrie was also rumored to be in a relationship with Tajiri after she managed him on WWE TV before she went on to date Spirit Squad member Nick Mitchell.The following list looks at 10 WWE women who were reported to have dated a lot of stars while they were part of the company as well as five who can't get a date.A lot has changed in the Women's Division over the past few years and the attitudes of the women involved could be one of the main things.

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