Sarah michelle gellar and james marsters dating

I am not sure that this information is true but maybe is.

They were couple in 1998-1999have many privat pictures together.

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Into every generation there is a tv show, one chosen to be beloved by all but behind the scenes be filled with drama, that is the Buffyverse.

He says that SMG ordered the cast and crew not to clap for Sophia after stunts were filmed and was not happy that Sophia was getting magazine shoots. Faith scene in Graduation was suppose to be filmed on top of a building over looking the city but SMG refused due to not wanting to be cold.

This led them to having to build a set instead which was very costly.-Jeff claimed that he was venting to someone he thought he could trust via email about the show but they ended up forwarding Joss Whedon the emails.

I never thought him an unattractive guy, but I also never understood why my friends wanted to be in his pants so bad. Having attended the Spotlight on James Marsters panel at New York Comic Con this year, I am now in love with James Marsters, who might I add is way more attractive now that he’s older and has his natural hair color, for one important reason: He is SUCH A NERD!

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I wasn’t expecting that.

The panel was simply a two-hour Q&A session; just James with a mic and the audience lining up for questions.

fan had their opinion on whether Buffy should end up with her first love Angel (David Boreanaz) or bad-vamp-turned-good Spike (James Marsters), but now Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, has settled the matter.

I found very interesting information about Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Marsters as couple in real life. I found this on i gave link with this info link and second link - link I only knew about SMG & DB too.

But i guess I was wrong she dated James Marsters for couple of months in 1997.

Nice work Angie22, thats very big news to share for all us.

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Thank you for the information on Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Marsters history as a couple. James Marsters said in an interview that kissing SMG was 'really weird. Surely he wouldn't say that if he'd dated her before. x Tinkx - Maybe they were short together and broke up because wanted to be only friends. but it is weird because i watched an interview just today where ASH and JM were talking and hes like "once you kiss sarah everything changes. is simply NOT TRUE..David and James are married and they were married when Buffy started, David lived next door to me when I lived in LA and I have talked with him many times and I have seen his wife.

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