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However, the distinction is blurred as many of these bottles were used interchangeable to bottle soda or beer.Many American manufactured ale bottles were recovered from Civil War sites.Many are stamped with a name some have cobalt blue decoration, others have various glazes in shades of cream and brown.

Today we think of beer naturally being put up in bottles, but that was not always the case in this country. Beer, because of the nature of its ingredients was prone to spoil if not probably bottled and or sealed carefully and under controlled conditions.These are typically three piece mold bottles, mostly in quart size, made in various shades of olive, olive green, olive amber and amber.They differ slightly from their European counterparts in the lip styles and shape.All of these pottery bottles were corked and secured by wire.Stout is a type of dark beer was bottled in this country in the 1840-1860s.

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By 1883, their sales of bottled beer rose to 15,000,000 hand-finished bottles, the largest in either Europe or America. This proliferation of liquor production spawned opposition in the form of temperance leagues and many states eventually enacted anti-liquor laws which banned any production in the late 1800s.

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