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Another example: When pictures of a drug war victim wrapped in brown packaging tape began circulating on Facebook, Sasot and Nieto suggested that Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel must be responsible — even though the corpse was accompanied by a handwritten note naming Duterte (via his nickname “DU30”).Brad Adams, Asia director of the nonprofit Human Rights Watch, said he could not comment on that specific incident, but told Buzz Feed News, “If Duterte sympathizers find that some murders have been committed by criminal gangs, that has no bearing on the thousands killed by the authorities.”Predictably, the Sinaloa narrative became one of the many popular excuses for the drug war among Duterte supporters, racking up thousands of comments from Filipinos on Facebook who praised the theory.Whether it came to helping to police the harassment experienced by Rappler reporters on Facebook or stopping the spread of false facts about the news outlet on the platform — including Duterte’s own claim that the CIA funds Rappler — Facebook wasn’t much help.Ressa is frustrated by Facebook’s lack of attention to her concerns.

“These,” Ressa said, referring to Facebook’s propaganda and false news problems, “are growth pains for a startup that’s running the world. And I want them to fix it, quickly.”In April, the Philippines became one of the first countries in Asia where Facebook launched third-party fact-checking, partnering with Rappler and Vera Files as its certified fact-checking partners.

In January, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revoked the website’s license to operate and tried to shut it down, though the site continues to publish as its appeal winds through the courts.

(Andanar denied that the Duterte administration filed legal cases against Rappler; Ressa disputed this, and sent Buzz Feed News a document with information on seven government cases filed against Rappler.) In February, the government banned all Rappler journalists from reporting at Malacañang, the presidential palace.

In July 2017, after Duterte had repeatedly disparaged and threatened the newspaper, the Inquirer’s owners decided to sell a majority stake to Ramon Ang, the billionaire president of Filipino consumer goods company San Miguel Corporation — and a close ally of the president’s.

“We had a number of meetings where we were told to be brave, to soldier on.

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“We have a love-hate relationship,” she said during a meeting at the media company’s headquarters in Manila. Covering Duterte was particularly rewarding, since that tended to bring in traffic from Facebook in droves.

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