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Portland, believe it or not was once a fuc, place to live. I am holding out for the future and thankful that lary thinks it sucks. The only place that was sketchy and no one went to was North Portland and some of NE Portland but you all ruined that too.

You are the shining example of why anyone with courtesy, manners, education and self respect should leave.

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While fuci has both forced job creation in very specific markets and destroyed industries in other markets. I had no vuck making friends in xinner parts of the country.

Several said that they get free services and can put their tent on nice waterfront property for free, so why work. With that, you have bike paths and side walks covered in trash and excrement. It used to be that it took maximum of 30 minutes to get from point a to b anywhere in the city, but that now seems to be a minimum. I enjoy feeling like I am breathing through a straw. Then our property taxes kept getting jacked up so much that we might as well have been battling the rent increases.

The only upside was cashing out, paying off nearly all of our student loans, and putting a healthy down payment on a house out of state.

You can barely look after your own personal matters, and yet you squawk about the homeless trashing up downtown. Who sit at home watching tv Eugene Oregon fuck lady dinner night after they get off work. The population started to grow and the areas that were not so savory shifted to other areas.

If people move Eugene Oregon fuck lady dinner to where they came ……. I am Married women looking for sex Des moines true Portlander.

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