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The city's also home to "The Premier Alaskan Gay Bar" Mad Myrna's, which hosts inclusive drag and variety shows."It's still a very red state with difficulties," Banker says, "but it is getting better here."Honorable mention: Juneau, which passed anti-discrimination protections in 2016 Arizona cities are kicking ass -- Phoenix and Tempe also have perfect HRC scores -- but Tucson gets the nod here.This town in Northwest Arkansas probably has the highest concentration of publicly displayed rainbow flags within a 500-mile radius.No one would expect less from a touristy liberal enclave with openly gay municipal employees, where same-sex couples feel comfortable walking hand-in-hand, and which three times a year -- spring, summer, and fall -- celebrates diversity weekends that include parades, drag shows, and dance parties.Adding to that, the police have trained business owners to be able to handle all kinds of issues, especially situations that may threaten trans people.It all makes for a surprisingly well-protected and inviting city; even the US Veterans Administration hosts regular clinic hours for trans servicemembers.

It's easy to sniff at the slow progress in Mississippi -- but who in America is fighting the good fight like Jesse Pandolfo, who runs the gay bar in Jackson?

"Basically your hippie colony tucked into the woods that's been ahead of the curve for social tolerance issues."Honorable mentions: Fayetteville, Little Rock, Conway Population: 12,797Bona fides: In November, 2018, the city voted in the city’s first all-LGBTQIA city commission.

Wilton Manors is so LGBTQIA friendly that the locals call it “straight friendly” (though they won’t be holding a Pride for their heteros this year).

After blowing through rural Georgia and suburban Kansas City in the three, tear-filled seasons of their Netflix hit, the Fab Five finally achieved what countless community and activist groups couldn’t before: Full-blown equality and acceptance of “the gays.” Ah, wishful thinking is such a privilege.

Even in the year of our lord, 2019, the US is still a sea of red (trigger warning: the 2016 presidential electoral map is bleak).

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In May, Alabama Public Television decided it wouldn’t air a groundbreaking episode of children’s show Arthur, which depicted a same-sex marriage between teacher Mr. B'ham's main gay bars -- Al's on Seventh, Our Place, and Quest Club -- all have their own cast of drag queens.

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