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There are no strings attached, you can chat if you want to, ignore or block any of the users, this is completely up to you.Now, one thing that pissed me off a lot is the notification sound, which I am unable to fucking mute, or I might just be a blind fuck and do not know how.But oh well, I guess you will have to deal with it to chat with handsome hunks from all around the world.Of course, there is an option to become a VIP member, since what site does not have at least one way to mooch money out of their users?I have seen a lot of chat sites in my time browsing, and I think that this is one of the better-looking ones.

But there is still a nostalgic feeling when you are chatting with a complete stranger from who knows where right?Then again, we are all different, so do whatever the fuck you want.I am just here to tell you my side of the story when it comes to this wonderful place where you get the opportunity to talk to random horny strangers online.The one I often visit is the ‘Adult’ section, where you can actually talk to adults who love to talk about sex, fucking, jerking off and so on.There were a lot of dudes who enjoyed sharing their naughty images… Then again, you never know if the dude you are talking to is real or not, and that is what makes everything so much better, doesn’t it?

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