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A friend of mine was here at one time and was writing his stories but the reviews were by butt heads (what I really want to say about them will get me thrown out of here), who wouldn't leave their e-mails so he could defend himself so he just gave up.

They are the perfect couple in 'Naruto' unless if it crossed over then she should be the head wife in a harem.

All of these groups are basic knowledge to know in the world of Remnant, but there are more groups hidden.

(A revamp of Jaune Arc the Wicked)Luffy disappears early in his life but he returns and he has a ship like no other.

Games, Superman, Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat, High School Dx D/ハイスクールD×D, Overwatch, Anime X-overs, RWBY, Green Lantern, Gatchaman, Ai Yori Aoshi, Sailor Moon X-overs, Monster High, Sengoku Basara/戦国BASARA, Sekirei, Winx Club, Gold Digger, Avengers, Majikoi - Oh!

So I need your help, which story should have the next new chapter?Also, if Sas-gay had Kyubbi in him, they'd shape history in to his image.After Ron is betrayed by the people he trusted most, he feels like their is nothing left for him.But as it turns out..weapon has a few tricks of her own.There are certain groups in Remnant that are known to the public.

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For millennia, The Line of Balor: King of the Demons and Reaper of Death, has been quashed and suppressed, watered down by a Shadowed Order until only a trace of its true power is left within the bloodline of Potter.

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