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The message will be decrypted, and the decrypted content will be placed in the message.If the message was also signed, a messagebox will inform you of the status. A new commandbar will have appeared on the preview window, with a Verify and Decrypt button, which work exactly the same as the previous buttons.When you compose a new mail, you will notice the Message ribbon has a new group on it, called Outlook Gnu PG, with a Sign and Encrypt toggle button.Sending out a signed mail is as simply as turning on the Sign button, typing your mail and pressing Send.

You will still have a choice to change your key upon sending the actual mail. At this point you can use your Outlook as before, since we haven't checked any auto-sign/encrypt functionality.

Outlook Gnu PG is free, only supported by a donate button, so it's only fair to give the used resources some credits.

Silk Icon Set by Mark James Open PGP wrapper by Starksoft Clipboard Wrapper by Alessio Deiana Got questions? Feel free to leave a comment :) : Philippe Teuwen and Thierry Walrant have taken it upon themselves to improve the code I posted above and made it available on github, using GPLv3 as a license.

There are two main areas in the plugin, functionality for sending a mail (sign/encrypt) and for retrieving a mail (verify/decrypt).

At the moment only plain text emails are supported.

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No HTML mail or attachments, that's for a future version :) To install the addin, start by adding your Trusted Sites (you can do this in Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Security - Trusted Sites - Sites).

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