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New value means that the correct value for the column was available.Changed value means that the correct updated value was available.Afeter Properties[“User Field”] is “-1;#i:0#.w|domain\user1” Because its happening only when adding and modifying a user field using the New and Edit form it seems that the problem is with the Peaple Editor control.For some reason it doesn’t work as well with claims based authentication as it does with classic authentication.webpart, event receive) only updated columns are present in that collection.No value means that column value in the hash table was not available.Mainly my issue is that no matter which of the 2 events I override the countof the After Properties and Before Properties hash Tables is always 0.... So I'm trying to accomplish this kind of functionality on my Share Point 2010 list: I have a field of type choice in my list, which has 7 values and i want users not to be able to change the value of that field from values 2,3,4,5,6,7 to value 1.

This difference is present only when using Claims based authentication.

When accessing a user field in event receivers there are few differences in the returned values when Classic mode authentication is used from the value when Claims based authentication is used.

The difference is present in After Properties of Item Adding and Item Updating event.

I have already attached list1 to aevent handler but I cannot recover both values to complete my task....

If Ioverride the Item Updating event I'm able to get the old value but not the newone, and when I override the Item Updated I can get only the new value. Thanks in advancepublic override void Item Updated(SPItem Event Properties properties)I also tried this :public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties) In the interest of completeness, I'm going to post an answer to this question, even though the question was months

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For testing I created a custom list that contains one User field, added the event receiver and overrode all the list item event handlers. The test is repeated when using Classic authentication and when using Claims based authentication.

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