Should tall girls dating short guys

@Spartan 176: But I'm wondering what ppl think of short guys or girls dating them.For the guys, would you even become friends with a short guy?Last year, I tried a personal experiment: I slept primarily with short girls for 6 months, then I switched to tall girls for the next 6 months.Before I began this research, I heard – as everyone does – a lot of mainstream ideas about short girls vs.Though I am around 5' 9" 5' 10" so I'm not short, but why the hell should I care if someone is short, I have short friends I have a friend that is 5' 3", women date him so it's not a problem. Also it is not the same males are supposed to be masculine (obviously) which might imply strong features such as more height and a more muscular build where as,as a man i would typically go for a smaller more petite woman with soft feminine features. But then I met him and he had to be the most charming and funny guy I'd ever met. I think that may be why some smaller guys might get the shorter end of the stick ,pun intended, but I had a friend in school who was shorter than me and he never had a problem in fact he was a ladies man more so than I ever was. I would be kind of annoyed if I was talking to a girl and I asked her what type of guys she likes and looking at me the first thing she says is short. So I'm confused why the short guys get so much heat or are ignored. Have you guys noticed that both guys and girls look at short guys in a bad light or am I the only one who noticed this?If I ask a short guy out are people going to torment me?

I'm nearly 6 feet tall and have to admit in high school there was a girl who was interested in me but I didn't go for her because she was taller than me. I also find that really tall girls that I know tend to end up with really short guys perhaps because people of average height aren't comfortable with someone of such a different height. society might have you think ppl of equal high should date but it doesnt mean you need to do what other think... are they going to pay for your life or are they going to live it for you? they may have an opinion of what they consider attractive but does that mean you have to agree with them?

Also, I have a guy friend that's 6 feet tall and he said he won't make friends with guys below 5'7 because no girls would talk to him if he hung around short people.

Is this a real thing that goes on in many people's minds?

tall girls: tall girls are more confident, difficult to get, and they only crave taller guys; and with short girls, sex is better and simpler, and they are just easier to get.

And for your information, you curious and sexy GC readers, I myself am 5’8” (173cm), living in Western Europe.

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